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Welcome to WebsiteSecure.org, we appreciate your interest in our Website Security organization and hope you find our site to be as easy to work with as all other phases of our customer relations.

We are ready to assist you in finding ethical merchants or in monetizing the honesty of your own websites. WebsiteSecure.org provides real security services designed to highlight ethical online businesses and to inform digital consumers.

Independent Website Security Certification

WebsiteSecure.org is an independent organization. Our mission is to assist online consumers seeking to find ethhical commercial websites that offer honest membership subscriptions and product purchasing. We independently certifying trustworthy merchant websites and tehy display our Website Secure Certification Seal on their sites to differentiate them from the many dishonest ‘scammers’ who defraud consumers and harm online commerce. When you see the Website Secure Certification Seal on any website, you can always be sure that the site has already passed a rigorous impartial inspection.